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Hi, I'm Jenny Clift, a Certified Tapping into Wealth Coach and Certified Energy Psychology Coach, and I would love to help you to clarify how you want to show up in the world, clear the fears and blocks that are stopping you and step into the career that you love, making money in a heartfelt, authentic way. 
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​How to Liberate Yourself from Money Stress!

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In this 1 hour, no-strings-attached call, I will:

  • Help you get clear on your short and long term goals
  • Diagnose the biggest obstacles that are stopping you
  • Clarify what you should focus on to move forward
  • Give you my best recommendation for your strategy
  • Send you the recording of our call so you have all the ah-has and insights and strategies to relisten to over and over

If you're feeling stuck and downright miserable where you are right now, and you're ready (or desperate!) to make changes in your life, you've come to the right place.

I can help you: 

  • Get unstuck financially, clear your blocks and transform your relationship with money, creating an income doing what you love (Financial Tapping Coaching)
  • Improve your on - and off - stage experience as a performer and rediscover the joy and satisfaction of sharing your gifts with the world (Performance Coaching)
  • Find help and relief from a specific problem, situation or limiting mindset so that you can move ahead easily and joyfully (Get Out of a Crisis Coaching)
  • Get to a place of courage and confidence so you can show up with conviction (All three options!)

My Gift to You - 3 Part Mini-Course:
'How to Liberate Yourself from Money Stress'

Part 1: Understanding the Problem - the 5 Areas of Your Money
- The 5 areas of your money and the 3 ways they run your nervous system
- What each area really represents
- The Hidden Mind-Body-Money Connection

Part 2: Create your own Money Map
- What’s going on ‘behind the scenes’ in your money
- Create your own, personal Money Map

Part 3: Tap to Liberate Yourself from Money Stress
You will:
- Learn a scientifically proven technique - EFT or ‘tapping’ - to release money stress
- Create your own customized tapping script to use
- Let go of the emotional baggage, get the financial rewards and become liberated to be the person you were meant to be in this world.

Coaching with me, Jenny Clift

  • How long have you been stuck in a job that feels, frankly, wrong for you?
  • How much is being there costing you - financially, emotionally and even in your relationships?
  • ​How long are you going to continue to put up with your unsatisfactory situation?
  • Do you ever say to yourself: 'I'm too old/too young/not good enough/don't have the time/money/support/resources/know-how etc etc.'?

That's where I was too, a few years ago. Until one day, sitting on the floor teaching violin to a bunch of reluctant 4 year olds, I got my huge wake-up call. 'You have to do something or you'll be here for EVER!'
So I started searching.... moved into doing what I love and even wrote a book about it! 
I trained as an Energy Pyschology coach .....

But there was still a missing piece of the puzzle - this might be familiar - yes, money! 
So I went to the top money person in the EFT world to train as a Tapping Into Wealth coach. 

Now I'm passionate about helping others get clear on what's stopping them from moving forward, achieve outer career success, and get the rewards (yes, financial too.)

Let Me Take You on a Journey….I would be honored to do this work with you!

I will bring my very best to every session - all of my experience, training, intuition, and highest intention for your total success.

If this is speaking to you...and your programming has already cost you TOO MUCH, then I invite you to do this work with me and start on the path to being your most powerful self!

The Music Inside - Amazon Bestseller!

Read about my personal journey as a classically trained violinist, from being stuck teaching full time to happily pursuing a career in what I love. 

In this uplifting best seller you will find out how to:

  • Discover and let out your own inner ‘music’, the thing that is calling to you.
  • Use inner techniques (EFT, meditation and writing exercises) to help you change your existing beliefs about what is possible for you and so be able to move forward.
  • ​Set a goal and make a 1 year plan, with monthly, weekly and daily activities so that this time you actually achieve it.
  • ​Access outside support and inspiration to help you get and enjoy your success.

Foreword by Brad Yates C. Ht.  EFT Life coach.

Part 1: The Set Up

Introduction: Background - Childhood; Trinity, Non-violin years and the first attempt; Teaching years.

Part 2: Tap to Change

EFT - 'Keep calm and keep tapping'; What's stopping you?; Limiting beliefs to liberating beliefs #1-13; Following your heart - Opening up to possibility;  What are you here to do?