Access Your 'Music' Inside and Clear Your Way...To Career Success 

(Using Inner Techniques)

If you're feeling frustrated and fed up with where you are right now, and you'd like to start making some changes in your life, you've come to the right place!

I can help you: 

  • Decide where you want to go
  • Clear any limiting beliefs stopping you from moving forward
  • Feel great about taking action
  • Feel better about yourself, your work relationships and what you feel you are here to do (your 'music inside')

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Inner Technique Coaching with Jenny Clift

Are you fed up and frustrated? Stuck in a job that feels, frankly, wrong for you?

Do you ever say to yourself: 'I'm too old/too young/not good enough/don't have the time/money/know-how etc etc.'

That's where I was too, a few years ago. But luckily, I discovered inner techniques to create outer success.

Now I'm passionate about helping others clear what's stopping them from moving forward, and achieve outer career success.

I'd love to help you discover your 'music inside'!

The Music Inside

Read about my personal journey as a classically trained violinist, from being stuck teaching full time to happily pursuing a career in what I love. 

In this uplifting best seller you will find out how to:

  • Discover and let out your own inner ‘music’, the thing that is calling to you.
  • ​Use inner techniques (EFT, meditation and writing exercises) to help you change your existing beliefs about what is possible for you and so be able to move forward.
  • ​Set a goal and make a 1 year plan, with monthly, weekly and daily activities so that this time you actually achieve it.
  • ​Access outside support and inspiration to help you get and enjoy your success.

About the Author

Jenny Clift

Hi, I'm Jenny Clift, a professional violinist and best selling author. I currently work (play) with several different professional symphony orchestras, with my violin and guitar duo (the Laurus Freestyle Duo), making CDs, recordings, Youtube videos and online courses.

​But it hasn’t always been this way. A few short years ago, I was coming up to my fiftieth birthday, stuck in a job which, although outwardly appeared a success, on the inside I knew wasn’t my true ‘calling’, and which wasn't making me happy or fulfilled.

​​Luckily I discovered the inner tools and techniques and the outer support I needed to be able to move into doing what I really love.

​In my book 'The Music Inside' I write about these different tools and about how I changed my self-limiting beliefs into 'liberating beliefs' allowing me to make outer changes.

In my coaching practice I am dedicated to helping my clients get clearer on their dreams, clear their limiting beliefs, and clear their way to a fulfilling career.