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Money Matters #1 The Mind-Body-Money Connection

What is it about bank statements?

Just yesterday my husband handed me an envelope saying, ‘This has been knocking around for a week. Shouldn’t you open it?’

‘Yes, I know, I know. I’ll open it later’, I muttered.

And I could feel the familiar sensations – not fear exactly, but a slight nausea in the pit of my stomach, a lump in my throat, a feeling of being in trouble, and flashes of past statements with dwindling income and numbers in the red.

That’s the Mind-Body-Money connection at work.

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R.O.A.R. Your Way Through Life!

Don’t you just love it when you notice something – say a word or an object – and then in the next few days you spot it over and over again?

Is that coincidence, your R.A.S. (your Reticular Activating System – those neural circuits in the brain that filter information and have you suddenly hear your own name across the room at a party), your intuition, or even a nudge from the Universe?

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‘The B.M.S. Formula’ – Making Decisions Easily With Simple Maths!

Do you ever have a hard time making decisions, choosing between one course of action or another?

Or, on an even deeper level, are you still trying to decide ‘what you want to be when you grow up'? Trying to discover what your ‘passion’ is, what really makes you tick?

As a violinist, pursuing a career in performing music (at last), I have been told many times, ‘You are so lucky. You know what you love to do. I haven’t a clue.’

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Long Distance Learning

Do you ever want to learn new skills, get training, coaching, or development - personal or professional? But you have limited time or live off the beaten track?

Back at the end of 2012 I wasn’t looking for a violin teacher…in fact I was happy to ‘go solo’ and work alone for a while.

The teacher whom I had been working with, here in Madrid, had just left to go and live in Germany and so those lessons had tailed off. It was the perfect moment to take some time off from weekly lessons and see how I got on on my own.

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Realizing Your Potential – How to Be Who You Want to Be

Do you ever long to be something different, or greater, to be like your heroes? Do you want to start realizing your potential? But, almost instantly, all the doubts, all the 'evidence', come rushing in and you talk yourself back down a peg or two?

I am a professional violinist. I am up on stage performing on a regular basis, both in classical symphony orchestras and with my violin and guitar duo.

I have put in my 10,000 hours (and then some!) and can play pretty well. I’m competent and very experienced. So far so good.

But I have deep, dark secret.

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