So...the question is...
Are you ready to make 2018 your


*Are you ready to feel excited and motivated?

*Are you ready to get creative and have fun?
*Are you ready to dig deep and clear resistance?
*Are you ready to really stick at and achieve your goals?

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January is traditionally a time for go-getters to:

  • make resolutions 
  • set goals
  • create intentions.

And we all know that time spent on making plans increases: 

  • our productivity 
  • our direction  
  • our success

And yes, our money!


So why don't people do it? Why do they continue to muddle through, taking action sporadically, taking the long way round?​​​​

This is your answer to the dreary slog of trying to 

set yearly goals,

create action steps and

make plans,

all on your own!

Beat your resistance!

Do you resist setting goals?
I know I used to. I'd heard they were incredibly useful and that they would improve my chances of getting what I wanted 'out of sight'. But somehow I couldn't 'get round to them'.
I would sit, staring at a blank piece of paper, feeling downhearted and overwhelmed.

I didn't know how to go about the process; how to set goals that I could achieve, what time-frame to put on them and then, almost more importantly, how not to abandon them. I could feel myself disappointed and ready to give up.

And I hated doing this on my own, with just my own inner critical voice for company!

But I think of myself as an action-taker and a go-getter so I set out to learn about 

goal-setting.  I discovered systems, methods, tips, shortcuts and answers to why we resist and how to get over that resistance. Which all add up to feeling great about setting goals!
All of these are what I want to share with you in my very special group program, y
our...Best Year Yet!

You will come away from our time together

raring to go

with a clear plan of how to

move towards your goals for 2018.

Here's how:​​​​​

4+ weeks to get you on track:

- Introduction: Get, Set, Go!

- Week 1: Good Times Ahead!

- Week 2: Step It Out!

- Week 3: Gotta Love Goals!

- Week 4: Stick at 'Em!

the program Consists Of:

  • Introductory Group Call (30 minutes)
  • 4x live 60 Minute Group Calls (plus recordings)
  • 4x Goal-Setting Modules covering different aspects - expert techniques, tips, processes
  • Audios, exercises and handouts to support your success - yours to use over and over

Plus these Amazing Bonuses to Support Your Success

  • FREE 1:1 Session with me for the first 5 people who sign up
  • Private Facebook Community for ACES: Accountability, Celebration, Encouragement and Support - Access to me and the other fabulous, amazing go-getters on the program
  • 100 Days of #TimetoShine - motivational daily quotes
  • Discounts on upcoming Programs

You read it right!...(I seriously love giving away goodies!!) The first 5 people who sign up will get a FREE 1:1 Session with me so you can really go in deep.

The cost for the 4+ weeks with me is an awesome value at $222

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Want more info?

Here's more about your...Best Year Yet!, 
1 Month Intensive Online Group Program.

Your...Best Year Yet! includes understanding, brainstorming, creating, uncovering, clearing and maintaining your goals. Here's how:

INTRODUCTION WEEK: Get, Set, Go! (30 minute live call on Friday January 5th, 10amPST.*)

WEEK 1: Good Times Ahead! Set your long and short-term goals. brainstorm and establish measurable objectives, and time-frames in which to complete them, in different areas of your life. (60 min live call on Thursday January 11th, 10amPST.*)

WEEK 2: Step It Out! Discover and prioritize the specific actions needed to move towards your goals. Get them down on paper! (60 min live call on Thursday January 18th, 10amPST.*)

WEEK 3: Gotta Love Goals! Why do we resist goals? Uncover and clear past Goal Traumas that are stopping you from believing in yourself and start to progress confidently towards a fabulous future. (60 min live call on Wednesday January 24th, 10amPST.*)

WEEK 4: Stick at 'Em! Exercises, mindset training and guided meditation to keep you motivated and on track with your goals, celebrating every step of the way! (60 min live call on Wednesday January 31st, 10amPST.*)

*All the live calls will be recorded for you to download and listen (or relisten) to. Call times are 10amPST, 1pmEST, 6pmUK, 7pmCET, 5am+1Sydney. I will send you an easy link to get onto the call.

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People who have worked with Jenny say:

'I’m thrilled to say that after working with Jenny my business is going from strength to strength.' Barbara Scalera, Corporate Trainer

'Jenny's coaching really helped me clarify my thinking and move forward quickly in my life goals.' Lucy Rinaldi. Financial Officer, Lasker Foundation

'Perhaps the best thing about working with Jenny is that she combines an encouraging, inspiring attitude with a lot of solid knowledge and experience.' Elaine MacDonald, Novelist

'Thank you so much for helping me to clear my resistance to seeing opportunities!' Liza Vergez, Pilates Trainer

'Jenny provided a friendly environment where I felt I could talk openly about exactly how I was feeling, without the fear of being judged.
From there I was able to work on my plans and goals and start taking action right away, something I wouldn't have done so easily before. ' 
Claudia Svartefoss, Online Website Designer

Pablo ​​​​​Picasso                   Artist

Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”

About Jenny

JENNY CLIFT first used goal-setting and planning, as well as EFT, as a professional violinist to improve and step up as a performer but she quickly realised that these techniques were invaluable in all areas of her life.

In order to best serve others, she went on to become certified as an Energy Psychology Coach and then an Authorized Tapping into Wealth Coach.

Jenny is passionate about helping others to discover the freedom to live the life they love, achieve their personal and business goals, and transform their lives.

Don't miss this fabulous opportunity to create your Best Year Yet for 2018 and really let it be your #TimetoShine.

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