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Realizing Your Potential – How to Be Who You Want to Be

Do you ever long to be something different, or greater, to be like your heroes? Do you want to start realizing your potential? But, almost instantly, all the doubts, all the 'evidence', come rushing in and you talk yourself back down a peg or two?

I am a professional violinist. I am up on stage performing on a regular basis, both in classical symphony orchestras and with my violin and guitar duo.

I have put in my 10,000 hours (and then some!) and can play pretty well. I’m competent and very experienced. So far so good.

But I have deep, dark secret.

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Quitting the Quitting Habit – Tools and Techniques

Have you ever thought of quitting, even when things seem to be going right?

Imagine you've completed a big project. You've worked long and hard on it and felt excited and energized. You've dreamt about the outcome, about all the amazing things that are going to happen now, all those wonderful changes and new experiences. You're fantasizing about all the money you're going to make and the new connections you're going to enjoy.

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Quitting the Quitting Habit – Understanding the Fears

Have you ever felt tempted to ‘quit while you’re ahead’?

Picture this - you get to the end of a project. It’s taken you weeks, months. It’s occupied your time and your energy, been fascinating and absorbing, and now it’s complete. Things are looking hopeful. This could really be the start of something big; a new source of revenue, a new career even, and a way to make your mark.

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The Inner Meerkat

You know those cute little animals that stand up on their hind legs, eyes wide open, head cocked – listening for signs of danger, on permanent sentry duty, protecting their clan?

Well, that’s how I’ve come to think of the pesky voice in my head. The one I used to call my ‘inner critic’. You’ve probably got your own name for it.

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