Coaching to...
Tap into Your Wealth and Career Success,
or to 'Get out of a Crisis'

Are you stuck or struggling with your money and starting to believe you'll never break through and achieve what you desire? Do you secretly limit your earning, confidence and wealth?

Or perhaps you are looking for healing and resolution in a specific and painful area or situation in your life - be it a bad habit or stuck fear, difficult event, relationship or other problem.

Through her coaching programs, Jenny Clift helps people like you, using cutting edge techniques like Emotional Freedom Techniques® (EFT), or tapping, a quick, simple, but profoundly effective method for overcoming fear and relieving stress.

Coaching options (online, by phone or in-person) :

  • Tapping Into Wealth Coaching (Transform Your Money Program) (Schedule Free Clarity session)
  • Get out of a Crisis Support and Healing (Schedule Initial Consultation)

Are you searching for a way to get unstuck financially and liberate yourself from all the stress and worry you are currently experiencing, allowing yourself to make money joyfully?
Benefiting from my Tapping into Wealth coaching (training by Margaret M. Lynch) you will free yourself from your money blocks and transform your wealth picture.

Click the link to find out how to change your money mindset radically...

Or... are you looking for a certified, experienced practitioner*, to work on a specific, urgent, painful problem or situation, and get some instant - and lasting - relief and clearing using scientifically proven Energy techniques?
'Get Out of a Crisis' coaching. (3+ sessions)
Click the link to see if working together in this way this is a good option for you...

*Certified Energy Psychology Practitioner, EFT Universe

Motivational Speaking. Talk ideas include:

  • Bust your Financial Blocks with EFT
  • Playing it Safe - why we play small and what to do about it.
  • Tap into Less Stress
  • 'Stress at Work' - Change your Programming with EFT
  • Performance under Pressure - Access your 'Inner Zen'
  • Back on the Corporate Horse - Techniques for Overcoming Adversity
  • Your Confidential Money Map
  • Supercharge your Income with an Outrageous Goal
  • Goal Trauma and How it Holds You Back
  • The Hidden Vows we Take that Block our Success
  • Presentation of my book 'The Music Inside'.

Benefits of working with me, Jenny Clift!


Having been there myself, I can offer you a safe and friendly environment to talk about where you are moneya and career-wise, and where you want to go - and then go there!

No judgment

Throughout my own journey I’ve learnt how to stop criticizing and judging myself and others.
We’re all in this together!

My experience

One good thing about being 50+ is that I have a LOT of experience!! And after being coached, and trained as both  an Energy Psychology and a Tapping Into Wealth Coach, I have learnt a thing or two...or two hundred!


Unlike chatting to friends or with a family member, I have no agenda...except for seeing you move forward into what you love.
Whatever we talk about stays between the two of us.

Sense of Fun

This inner and outer journey can be, at times, downright sad.
Allowing a bit of humour into the mix makes it that much more digestible and doable.


I will help you to discover what you want and what limiting beliefs, vows, traumas or blocks might be stopping you (EFT tapping is perfect for clearing them. but not the only way of doing it!).


I can help you overcome the same kind of challenges I faced: in your money and/or low self-confidence, lack of belief in your abilities, stage fright/fear of public speaking/making videos etc.

Action Steps

Using proven processes we will uncover what is stopping you, and create a plan together to give you direction, with practical steps – inner and outer homework! – tailored to your particular situation.


EFT (tapping) and other Energy techniques encourage you to accept yourself and your thoughts in order to move forward.

How the coaching works:

Step 1: You choose your preferred Coaching Option - either 'Get Out of a Crisis, Support and Healing' or 'Tapping into Wealth, Transform Your Money' 

tep 2: Using the Schedule Appointment button, set up a time for our free initial consultation session together - by Skype, Zoom or phone. I will send you a recording of this session as you will get a lot of insight and a-has right away!

Step 3: Or you can email me at if you prefer, letting me know your biggest challenge right now.

Step 4:​ We have our initial consultation call together - either by Skype, Zoom or by phone, using Free Conference Call, at the time we've agreed.​ 

Step 5: After our call, I will send you the recording of our session as well as any 'homework' for you to do regarding the subjects discussed in our session or any other questions or thoughts that might have come up for you, in our work together. 

Step 6: You decide if it feels right to continue to work together and we discuss plans, packages, pricing etc.

Coaching sessions with Jenny Clift
via Skype, Zoom or phone

Email me with your biggest challenge right now or schedule a 30 minute initial consultation call or a 1 hour  Clarity, Strategy, Action free call - they'll help both of us to get clear on what to work on together.

​We'll discover where you are now, where you want to go (goals) and I will give you my best recommendation for strategy and the next steps you should take. 


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How many sessions do I need?

How does a coaching session go?

Is there anything we won't address in these coaching sessions?

Do I need to prepare for our sessions?

What I if have extra questions about the session?

Refund policy 

Schedule an initial consultation or Clarity session with me now!

I firmly believe that we all have something unique and special to share with the world.
Give yourself a chance to believe in yourself and in your dream and then live it.